Atlantis Found!?!?? (best yet)

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Re: Atlantis Found!?!?? (best yet)

Postby sparkuri » Mon Oct 19, 2020 9:06 am

Masato wrote:
Rambo John J wrote:I love this stuff.

I think Antarctica held a lost civilization...very likely advanced.

Could it be Atlantis I don't know but we don't know shit about shit as far as what went on in these deserts and ice covered continents tens of thousands or millions of years ago.

Hmmm yeah Antarctica is super interesting

I've pondered that too but there is so little to find on it, at least relative to the depths of writings and explorations for Atlantis...

However there are some things that I find to be very curious;

1. I find the tales about the Nazis rushing down there for some reason near the end of the war, and Allies panicking to intercept them extremely interesting.
2. legends of Admiral Byrd (bird?), also rushing down there with cryptic motivations, odd things he said
3. stories of the Foo Fighters (UFOs/discs that american pilots engaged down there)
4. High level Germans fleeing to the southern tip of Argentina, etc etc
5. The whole Antarctica Treaty, and how in a world of conflict over resources, yet somehow everyone seems to agree to obey the treaty
6. Major portion of Antarctica is actually named the ROCKEFELLER PLATEAU - they had/have interest in it for sure. Other parts of it are named: Prince Charles Mountains, Princess Elizabeth Land, Prince Albert Mountains, Queen Fabiola Mountains, and other names obviously of English root. Why do these wankers get to name the land after themselves? Kind of goes against the treaty, no? lol
7. There is an island off the coast of Antarctica named ROTHSCHILD ISLAND. Google Maps scrubbed this at some point, changed its name/location, and strangely covered it up with ice (??) on their maps, differing from other non-Google GPS maps. Here is the Thread on Rothschild Island: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=5170
8. BOUVET ISLAND (also in that thread ^^ )

etc etc

re: both Antarctica and Atlantis, I do think some people know the truth, and histories. I suspect that some of these truths and a need to supress them are among the reasons for the depth of the deception some of us are starting to realize. I think its possible that the Germans were on to something in this area, and that's one of the reasons they had to be so thoroughly vilified and erased from global consciousness the way they were/are. Which means if any of this is true, modern Zionists likely still hold the secrets. Maybe Monarchies too or others at the top of the banking/power pyramids. At least I hope they do, so maybe one day it can be learned again. It really would be a shame if the truth about ourselves was truly lost and unrecoverable, permanent amnesia. Then again maybe that's the point. I don't know lol

This guy does a lot on Antarctica

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Postby Masato » Tue Oct 20, 2020 3:14 pm

sparkuri wrote:
This guy does a lot on Antarctica

here's another from his channel:

Antarctica is full of mysteries

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Postby Megaterio Llamas » Wed Apr 07, 2021 3:30 pm

el rey del mambo

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