Russia attacks Ukraine

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Re: Russia attacks Ukraine

Postby Som-Pong » Fri Jul 15, 2022 4:35 am

They have their own state they should stay there

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Postby Masato » Tue Jul 19, 2022 12:04 pm

MORE money being extracted from western countries, and being funnelled into Ukraine

At a time of great inflation and economic recovery from the covid years, western governments profess its a good idea to borrow/send TRILLIONS more into a futile war zone.

Makes ya wonder where exactly all this money is actually going lol

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Postby Masato » Fri Sep 23, 2022 12:28 pm

Canada offering blank cheques to Ukraine.

This war = mass global money extraction/laundering

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Postby Masato » Fri Sep 30, 2022 7:09 pm

Translation/paraphrasing of Putin's most recent speech.

Quite astounding, actually:

Setting aside his brief comments on the recent "referendums", he spends most of his speech discussing the West. His primary complaint isn't NATO expansion, which gets only a cursory mention. The West is greedy and seeks to enslave and colonise other nations, like Russia.

The West uses the power of finance and technology to enforce its will on other nations. To collect what he calls the "hegemon's tax". To this end the West destabilises countries, creates terrorist enclaves and most of all seeks to deprive other countries of sovereignty.

It is this "avarice" and desire to preserve its power that is the reason for the "hybrid war" the collective West is "waging on Russia". They want us to be a "colony". They do not want us to be free, they want Russians to be a mob of soulless slaves - direct quote.

The rules-based order the West goes on about is "nonsense". Who made these rules? Who agreed to them? Russia is an ancient country and civilization and we will not play by these "rigged" rules. The West has no moral authority to challenge the referendums because it has violated
the borders of other countries. Western elites are "totalitarian, despotic and apartheidistic" - direct quote. They are racist against Russia and other countries and nations. "Russophobia is racism". They discriminate by calling themselves the "civilised world".

They colonised, started the global slave trade, genocided native Americans, pillaged India and Africa, forced China to buy opium through war. We, on the other hand, are proud that we "led" the anti-colonial movement that helped countries develop to reduce poverty and inequality.

They are Russophobic (they hate us) because we didn't allow our country to be pillaged by creating a strong CENTRALISED (emphasis his) state based on Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. They have been trying to destabilise our country since the 17th century in the Times of Trouble ( Eventually, they managed to "get their hands on our riches" at the end of the 20th century. They called us friends and partners while pumping out trillions of dollars (his irony game is strong today).

We remember this. We didn't forget. The West claims to bring freedom and democracy to other countries but it's the exact opposite of the truth. The unipolar world is anti-democratic by its very nature. It is a lie. They used nuclear weapons, creating a precedent. They flattened German cities without "any military need to do so". There was no need for this except to scare us and the rest of the world. Korea, Vietnam. To this day they "occupy" Japan, South Korea and Germany and other countries while cynically calling them "allies".

The West has surveillance over the leaders of these nations who "swallow these insults like the slaves they are".

He then talks about bioweapon research (haven't heard about them for a while) and human experiments "including in Ukraine". The US rules the world by the power of the fist. Any country which seeks to challenge Western hegemony becomes an enemy. Their neocolonialism is cloaked in lies like "containment" of Russia, China and Iran. The concept of truth has been destroyed with fakes and extreme propaganda (irony game still strong).

You cannot feed your people with printed dollars and social media. You need food and energy. But Western elites have no desire to find a solution to the food and energy crises *they* (emphasis his) created.

They solved the problems at the start of 20c with WW1 and the US established dominance of the world via the dollar as a result of WW2. In the 80s they had another crisis they solved by "plundering our country". Now they want to solve their problems by "breaking Russia".

Russia "understands its responsibility to the international community" and will "do everything to cool the heads of these neocolonials who are destined to fail". They're crazy. I want to speak to all Russian citizens, do we want to replace mum and dad with parent 1 and 2? They invented genders and claim you can "transition". Do we want this for our children?

We have a different vision.

They have abandoned religion and embraced Satanism - direct quote.

The world is going through a revolutionary transformation. A multipolar world offers nations freedom to develop as they wish and they make up the majority of the world.

We have many like-minded friends in Western countries. We see and appreciate their support. They are forming liberation, anti-colonial movements as we speak - direct quote. These will only grow.

We are fighting for a fair world for our country. The idea of exceptionalism is criminal and we must turn this shameful page. The breaking of the West's hegemony is INEVITABLE (emphasis his).

There is no going back. We are fighting for our "great (as in big), historic Russia". Our values are (irony game crescendo): love of our fellow man, compassion and mercy.

Truth is with us, Russia is with us.

That's the end of the speech. As I said from day 1, the purpose of what Putin is doing in Ukraine is to throw the West off its pedestal. This isn't about NATO or Ukraine, this is the big play to replace the current world order.

Here is the translator, Konstantin Kisin. I never heard of him before:

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Postby Luigi » Fri Sep 30, 2022 10:47 pm

Not sure if it was here but we basically did get confirmation U.S. was running bioweapon facilities in Ukraine.

Putin trying too hard to be the moral good guy.

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Postby Masato » Fri Sep 30, 2022 11:15 pm

So much being shoved under the rug

Putin should come out with the info bombs if he really wants to stand up to globalists imo

It's tempting to cheer for him, even hopeful sometimes but I just can't trust it lol. Most wars in my research have been manufactured by more singular groups playing both sides. History would suggest imho the chances Putin is a pawn in a similar situation are high.

It's all so crazy. I learned to accept I cannot maybe ever know the truth. I still look for it though, lol

Very interested in that last speech he made. No InfoBombs but a lot of big rhetoric I've been waiting to hear anyone dare bring up on the world stage for decades.

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Postby Edge Guerrero » Fri Sep 30, 2022 11:20 pm

US army doctor and wife charged with Russia spying

A US army major doctor and her wife, a civilian doctor, have been charged with a plot to leak information to the Russian government.

Jamie Lee Henry and Anna Gabrielian are accused of planning to share confidential information about patients at a military hospital.

The pair allegedly told an undercover FBI agent that they were motivated by patriotism for Russia.

Representatives of the couple have not yet commented on the case.

There has been no comment from Russian authorities, either.

The pair were charged with conspiracy and the disclosure of identifiable health information, in an indictment filed in a court in Baltimore, Maryland which was unsealed on Thursday after their arrest.

Prosecutors said the couple wanted to help the Russian government "gain insights into the medical conditions of individuals associated with the US government and military".

The indictment states that Maj Henry, 39, planned to use her security clearance to gain access to private medical records from the hospital at Fort Bragg, the large military base where she worked.

Dr Gabrielian, 36, is accused of planning to share information from where she worked, believed to be Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

She allegedly offered help to the Russian embassy in Washington several months ago, after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

In mid-August she was approached by a person claiming to work for the Russian embassy, who was in reality an FBI agent.

During the meeting, the indictment says she told the agent that "she was motivated by patriotism toward Russia to provide any assistance she could to Russia, even if it meant being fired or going to jail".

She is accused of offering to bring her wife into the plot, and telling the agent that she had access to medical information at the base and insight on how the US was training the military to provide assistance to Ukraine.

At another meeting later on the same day, Maj Henry allegedly told the agent that she was also committed to Russia, and considered volunteering to join the Russian army.

She apparently said she had reservations about violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which is what the couple have been charged with.

But Dr Gabrielian allegedly had no such concerns, and handed over some information later in August.

The indictment suggests the couple planned to hand over the medical records in order to prove their willingness to help the Russians, and their level of access to secret information.

Dr Gabrielian is also accused of telling the agent that her wife could share information about how the US military establishes army hospitals in war conditions, and previous training given by the US to the Ukrainian military.

If convicted, the defendants face a maximum of five years in prison for the conspiracy, and 10 years for each count of disclosing health information.

Maj Henry was the first known active-duty US Army officer to come out as transgender, after the army granted her permission to officially change her name and gender in 2015, the same year the couple were married.
- I rent this space for advertising

Don't be selfish, preserve this world for the next generations.

I'll never long for what might have been
Regret won't waste my life again
I won't look back I'll fight to remain

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Postby Masato » Mon Oct 03, 2022 5:36 pm

As you know, referendums have been held in the Donetsk and Lugansk and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. The ballots have been counted and Russia has announced the results. The Russian Federal Assembly will support the constitutional laws on the accession to Russia and the establishment of four new regions, new constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

For eight long years, people in Donbass were subjected to genocide, shelling, and blockades; in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, a criminal policy was pursued to cultivate hatred for Russia, for everything Russian. During the referendums, the Kiev regime threatened school teachers and women who worked in election commissions with reprisals and death. Kiev threatened millions of people who came to express their will with repression.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the West decided that the world would permanently accede to its dictates. In 1991, the West thought that Russia would never rise after such a collapse and would fall to pieces on its own. Russia suffered greatly during the years after the Soviet Union collapsed. The people recall the horrible 1990s, the hunger, cold, and hopelessness. But Russia remained standing, came alive, grew stronger, and occupied its rightful place in the world.

Meanwhile, the West continues looking for another chance to destroy Russia, to weaken and break up Russia, which they have always dreamed about, to divide the state and set the peoples against each other, and condemn them to poverty and extinction. They cannot rest easy knowing that there is such a vast country with a huge territory in the world, with its natural wealth, resources, and people who cannot and will not do someone else’s bidding.

The West is ready to cross every line to preserve the neo-colonial system which allows it to live off the world, plunder it thanks to the domination of the dollar and technology, collect a tribute from humanity, extract its primary source of unearned prosperity, the rent paid to the hegemon. The preservation of this annuity is their main, real, and absolutely self-serving motivation. This is why total de-sovereignisation is in their interest. This explains their aggression towards independent states, traditional values, and authentic cultures, their attempts to undermine international and integration processes, new global currencies, and technological development centers that they cannot control. It is critically important for them to force all countries to surrender their sovereignty to the United States.

In certain countries across the west, the ruling elites voluntarily agree to do this, voluntarily agree to become vassals; others are bribed or intimidated. And if this does not work, they destroy entire states, leaving behind humanitarian disasters, devastation, ruins, millions of wrecked and mangled human lives, terrorist enclaves, social disaster zones, protectorates, colonies, and semi-colonies. They don't care. All they care about is their own benefit.

Their insatiability and determination to preserve their unfettered dominance are the real causes of the hybrid war that the collective West is waging against Russia. They do not want Russia to be free. They want Russia to be a colony. They do not want equal cooperation, they want to loot. They do not want to see Russia as a free society but as a mass of soulless slaves.

They see Russia’s ideas, values, and philosophy as a direct threat. That is why they target Russian philosophers for assassination. Russia’s culture and art present a danger to them, so they are trying to ban them. Its development and prosperity are also a threat to them because competition is growing.

The West is counting on impunity, on being able to get away with anything. As a matter of fact, this was actually the case until recently. Strategic security agreements have been trashed; agreements reached at the highest political level have been declared tall tales; firm promises not to expand NATO to the east gave way to dirty deception as soon as Russia’s former leaders bought into them; missile defense, intermediate-range and shorter-range missile treaties have been unilaterally dismantled under far-fetched pretexts.

And all we hear is, the West is insisting on a rules-based order. Where did that come from anyway? Who has ever seen these rules? Who agreed or approved them? This is just a lot of nonsense, utter deceit, double standards. They must think Russians are stupid.

It was the so-called West that trampled on the principle of the inviolability of borders, and now it is deciding, at its own discretion, who has the right to self-determination and who does not, who is unworthy of it. It is unclear what their decisions are based on or who gave them the right to decide in the first place. They just assumed it.

That is why the choice of the people in Crimea, Sevastopol, Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson makes them so furiously angry. The West does not have any moral right to weigh in, or even utter a word about freedom or democracy. It does not and it never did.

Western elites not only deny national sovereignty and international law, but their hegemony also has pronounced features of totalitarianism, despotism, and apartheid. They brazenly divide the world into their vassals – the so-called civilized countries – and all the rest, who, according to the designs of today's Western racists, should be added to the list of barbarians and savages. False labels like “rogue country” or “authoritarian regime” are readily available and are used to stigmatize entire nations and states, which is nothing new. There is nothing new in this: deep down, Western elites have remained the same colonizers. They discriminate and divide people into the top tier and the rest.

Russia never agreed to and will never agree to such political nationalism and racism. What else, if not racism, is the Russophobia being spread around the world? What, if not racism, is the West’s dogmatic conviction that its civilization and neoliberal culture is an indisputable model for the world as a whole to follow? “You’re either with us or against us.”

Western elites are even shifting repentance for their own historical crimes on everyone else, demanding that the citizens of their countries and other peoples confess to things they have nothing to do with at all, for example, the period of colonial conquests.

It is worth reminding the West that it began its colonial policy back in the Middle Ages, followed by the worldwide slave trade, the genocide of Indian tribes in America, the plunder of India and Africa, the wars of England and France against China, as a result of which it was forced to open its ports to the opium trade. What they did was get entire nations hooked on drugs and purposefully exterminated entire ethnic groups for the sake of grabbing land and resources, hunting people like animals. This is contrary to human nature, truth, freedom, and justice.

The Western elites’ unconcealed animosity toward Russia is precisely the fact that Russia refused their colonial conquests and forced the Europeans to trade on mutually beneficial terms. This was achieved by creating a strong centralized state in Russia, which grew and got stronger based on the great moral values​​ of Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism, as well as Russian culture and the Russian word that were open to all.

There were numerous plans to invade Russia. Such attempts were made during the Time of Troubles in the 17th century and in the period of ordeals after the 1917 revolution. All of them failed. The West managed to grab hold of Russia’s wealth only in the late 20th century, when the state had been destroyed. They called Russia friends and partners, but they treated them like a colony, using various schemes to pump trillions of dollars out of the country. Russia remembers. Russians have not forgotten.

Western countries have been saying for centuries that they bring freedom and democracy to other nations. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of bringing democracy they suppressed and exploited, and instead of giving freedom they enslaved and oppressed. The unipolar world is inherently anti-democratic and unfree; it is false and hypocritical through and through.

The United States is the only country in the world that has used nuclear weapons twice, destroying the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. And they created a precedent.

Recall that during WWII the United States and Britain reduced Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne and many other German cities to rubble, without the least military necessity. It was done ostentatiously and, to repeat, without any military necessity. They had only one goal, as with the nuclear bombing of Japanese cities: to intimidate Russia and the rest of the world.

The United States left a deep scar in the memory of the people of Korea and Vietnam with their carpet bombings and use of napalm and chemical weapons.

It continues to occupy Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and other countries, which they cynically refer to as equals and allies. Look now, what kind of alliance is that? The whole world knows that the top officials in these countries are being spied on and that their offices and homes are bugged. It is a disgrace, a disgrace for those who do this and for those who, like slaves, silently and meekly swallow this arrogant behavior.

They call the orders and threats they make to their vassals Euro-Atlantic solidarity, and the creation of biological weapons, and the use of human test subjects, including in Ukraine, noble medical research.

It is their destructive policies, wars, and plunder that have unleashed today’s massive wave of migrants. Millions of people endure hardships and humiliation or die by the thousands trying to reach Europe.

They are exporting grain from Ukraine now. Where are they taking it under the guise of ensuring the food security of the poorest countries? Where is it going? They are taking it to European countries. Only five percent has been delivered to the poorest countries. More cheating and naked deception again.

American elites are using the tragedy of these people to weaken its rivals, to destroy nation-states. This goes for Europe and for the identities of France, Italy, Spain, and other countries with centuries-long histories.

Washington demands more and more sanctions against Russia and the majority of European politicians obediently go along with it. They clearly understand that by pressuring the EU to completely give up Russian energy and other resources, the United States is practically pushing Europe toward deindustrialization in a bid to get its hands on the entire European market. These European elites understand everything – they do, but they prefer to serve the interests of others. This is not servility but direct betrayal of their own people.

But the west believe sanctions are no longer enough and now they have turned to subversion. It seems incredible but it is a fact – by causing explosions on Nordstream’s international gas pipelines passing along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, they have embarked on the destruction of Europe’s entire energy infrastructure. It is clear to everyone who stands to gain. Those who benefit are responsible, of course.

The dictates of the US are backed up by crude force, on the law of force and agression. Sometimes it is beautifully wrapped sometimes there is no wrapping at all but the gist is the same – the law of force and aggression. Hence, the deployment and maintenance of hundreds of military bases in all corners of the world, NATO expansion, and attempts to cobble together new military alliances, such as AUKUS and the like. Much is being done to create a Washington-Seoul-Tokyo military-political chain. All states that possess or aspire to genuine strategic sovereignty and are capable of challenging Western hegemony, are automatically declared enemies.

These are the principles that underlie US and NATO military doctrines that require total domination. Western elites are presenting their neocolonialist plans with the same hypocrisy, claiming peaceful intentions, talking about some kind of deterrence. This evasive word migrates from one strategy to another but really only means one thing – undermining any and all sovereign centers of power.

The west has targeted Russia and Iran among other countries. Next in line are other countries of Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as current US partners and allies. After all, when they are displeased, they introduce sanctions against their allies as well – against this or that bank or company. This is their practice and they will expand it.

At the same time, the West has clearly been engaged in wishful thinking for a long time. In launching the sanctions blitzkrieg against Russia, for example, they thought that they could once again line up the whole world at their command. As it turns out, however, such a prospect does not excite every nation – other than complete political masochists and admirers of other unconventional forms of international relations. Most states refuse to submit and instead choose the sensible path of cooperation with Russia.

The West’s fringe minority placed sanctions on Russia. For most countries (EU especially) it has come back to haunt them.
How Russia has been sanctioned by the world over Ukraine invasion | Daily Mail Online
The West clearly did not expect such insubordination. They simply got used to acting according to a template, to grab whatever they please, by blackmail, bribery, and intimidation, and convinced themselves that these methods would work forever as if they had fossilized in the past.

Such self-confidence is a direct product not only of the notorious concept of exceptionalism – although it never ceases to amaze – but also of the real ”information hunger“ in the West. The truth has been drowned in an ocean of myths, illusions, and fakes, using extremely aggressive propaganda, lying like Goebbels. The more unbelievable the lie, the quicker people will believe it – that is how they operate, according to this principle.

But people cannot be fed with printed dollars and euros. You can't feed them with those pieces of paper, and the virtual, inflated capitalization of western social media companies can't heat their homes. You can't feed anyone with paper – you need food, and you can't heat anyone’s home with these inflated capitalizations – you need energy.

That is why politicians in Europe have to convince their fellow citizens to eat less, take a shower less often, and dress warmer at home. And those who start asking fair questions like “Why is that, in fact?” are immediately declared enemies, extremists, and radicals. Their leaders point back at Russia and say: that is the source of all your troubles.

The Western elites are not going to look for constructive ways out of the global food and energy crisis that they and they alone are to blame for, as a result of their long-term policy, dating back long before Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. They have no intention of solving the problems of injustice and inequality. They would rather use other formulas they are more comfortable with.

And here it is important to recall that the West bailed itself out of its early 20th century challenges with World War I. Profits from World War II helped the United States finally overcome the Great Depression and become the largest economy in the world, and to impose on the planet the power of the dollar as a global reserve currency. And the 1980s crisis – things came to a head in the 1980s again – the West emerged from it unscathed largely by appropriating the inheritance and resources of the collapsed and defunct Soviet Union.

Now, in order to free itself from the latest web of challenges, they need to dismantle Russia as well as other states that choose a sovereign path of development, at all costs, to be able to further plunder other nations’ wealth and use it to patch their own holes. If this does not happen, we cannot rule out that they will try to trigger a collapse of the entire system, and blame everything on that, or, God forbid, decide to use the old formula of economic growth through war.

The current neocolonial model is ultimately doomed. But its real masters will cling to it to the end. They simply have nothing to offer the world except to maintain the same system of plundering and racketeering.

They do not give a damn about the natural rights of billions of people, the majority of humanity, to freedom and justice, and the right to determine their own future. They have already moved on to the radical denial of moral, religious, and family values.

Does the west think that Russia wants the same values, for example, “parent number one, parent number two, and parent number three” instead of mother and father? Does Russia want its schools to impose on its children, from their earliest days in school, perversions that lead to degradation and extinction? Does Russia want to drum into their heads the idea that certain other genders exist along with women and men and to offer them gender reassignment surgery? Is that what Russians want for their country and their children? This is all unacceptable to Russians. They have a different future of their own making.

The dictatorship of the Western elites targets all societies, including the citizens of Western countries themselves. This is a challenge to all. This complete renunciation of what it means to be human, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, and the suppression of freedom are coming to resemble a “religion in reverse” – pure Satanism. Exposing false messiahs, Jesus Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” These poisonous fruits are already obvious to people, not only in Russia but also in all countries, including many people in the west.

The world has entered a period of fundamental, revolutionary transformation. New centers of power are emerging. They represent the majority of the international community. They are ready not only to declare their interests but also to protect them. They see an opportunity to strengthen their sovereignty, which means gaining genuine freedom, historical prospects, and the right to their own independent, creative, and distinctive forms of development, to a harmonious process.

An essentially emancipatory, anti-colonial movement against unipolar hegemony is taking shape in the most diverse countries and societies, even in Europe. Its power will only grow with time. It is this force that will determine the geopolitical reality.

Russia, its people, language, or culture can never be erased from history. Russians seek a consolidated society, and this consolidation can only be based on sovereignty, freedom, creation, and justice, with values ​​of humanity, mercy, and compassion.

And I want to close with the words of a true patriot Ivan Ilyin: “If I consider Russia my Motherland, that means that I love as a Russian, contemplate and think, sing and speak as a Russian; that I believe in the spiritual strength of the Russian people. Its spirit is my spirit; its destiny is my destiny; its suffering is my grief, and its prosperity is my joy.”

— Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
September 30, 2022

(Edited for clarity and changed to eliminate first-person national references)

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Postby Masato » Mon Oct 03, 2022 5:46 pm

Not specifically Russia-related... but an interesteing thread I found re; Western power structures in general.

from a guy @NiMingda_GG on Twitter
倪明达 (Ni Mingda)

The Western ruling class & the rich will do ANYTHING to preserve the U.S. led "rules-based international order".

ANYTHING includes allowing the Western masses to go broke, hungry & freeze this winter.

ANYTHING also includes risking WW3 with China & Russia.

Here’s why…

This "order" enables the U.S. (and by extension, its Western allies) to control the world's financial system.

It preserves the USD as the global reserve currency & allows America to print "money" with impunity to fund endless wars of resource extraction & asset privatisation.

Much of this "free money" ends up being managed by Wall Street, London & European big finance.

Consequently, just 17 of these firms control more than USD 40 trillion in capital.

For comparison, China only has about USD 3 trillion in foreign exchange reserve.

It took China 21 years of trading to save that USD 3 trillion in foreign reserve.

But it only took America two years to print USD 17 trillion out of thin air... which it can use to exchange for real goods with other nations.

This is a scam & a great injustice.

So Western big finance have lots of free "money" to invest.

But not everything is for sale.

Certainly not in socialist countries or "autocracies" where the state exercises strict control over national resources & public assets.

This is where regime-change comes in.

Conveniently, directors from these trillion-dollar firms also serve as advisors for the G7, IMF, WTO, World Bank, & U.S. Federal Reserve.

They exercise great influence over Western politicians & policymakers.

In turn, they are influenced by the rich whose wealth they manage.

These trillion-dollar Western banks & asset management firms invest in each other.

They also invest in almost every type of industries around the world.. including the infamous military industrial complex of the West.

So they literally make money from wars & suffering.

In 2016, Oxfam reported that a mere 62 people own half the world's wealth. In 2017, that number became just 8 men.

The richest 1% of humanity controls most of the planet's wealth.

And the "rules-based international order" ensures that the rich become richer.

However, there are downsides to hoarding so much wealth while so many struggled to make a living.

The rich are constantly worried about popular revolt.

Hence why Western media is owned by only a handful of billionaires. By controlling the narratives, they control the masses.

If you think billionaires controlling Western media is bad, wait till you find out how much Western politicians are beholden to them.

In Western democracies, political donations & lobbying is legal.

Guess which group has the money & platform to help politicians gain office?

By the way, there's nothing wrong being rich.

It's only wrong if you...

- profiteer from the misery of others

- influence policymaking to advance your own interests, to the detriment of the masses

- not contributing to public coffers by paying little to no taxes

Yet those are the 3 injustices that the U.S. led Western "rules-based international order" allow the rich to commit.

It allows them to lobby Western politicians to regime-change any country they don't like.

And they use Western media to back their pretexts for conflict.

Under the U.S. led Western "rules-based international order", endless wars & regime-change ops have been waged to thwart the use of alternative currencies or to "liberate" a previously restricted market.

Weak countries suffer direct invasions. Strong ones suffer proxy wars.

When it comes to NOT contributing to public coffers, the rich has London & its offshore tax havens to help.

Through complex structures of trusts & shell companies, they hide their wealth & identity.

On paper, the rich is "poorer" than a waiter. So they don't pay taxes.

You can see how the elites behind the Western "rules-based international order" is not only defrauding the world... it's also defrauding its own people.

It wages wars against the global south & pillage them in the name of "democracy". And it does so by manufacturing consent.

This is why China... a country that suffered a century of war & looting at the hands of Western & Japanese imperialists... has built an alternative financial system to escape the "rules-based international order".

For this trespass against Western elites, China is targeted.

Now do the Western ruling class & their rich benefactors actually want a nuclear war?

I don't think so.

They wouldn't ruin their privileged lifestyle.

However, they are willing to RISK it because they believe they can limit a conflict.

And this is why they're dangerous.


The U.S. Fed recently hiked interest rates, making the USD artificially expensive to obtain.

Since about 70% of global trade is conducted in USD (thanks to U.S. big fist), other countries have to pay more to get hold of dollars.

This caused worldwide inflation.


If you want to know what this U.S. led Western "rules-based international order" is and how it came about, I covered that in a previous thread...


American & British ruling elites played an outsized role in the creation & preservation of the Western "rules-based international order".

I revealed more in this previous thread...


If you want to know...

- how the USD became the world's reserve currency

- why it's called the "Petrodollar"

- why America is the only country that can print 'almost' unlimited amount of its currency without hyperinflation

... read my previous thread in 19/.

Key takeaway #1:

The "rules-based international order"...

- is centred around preserving the USD as global reserve currency

- gives Western elites almost unlimited, free "money" & unfettered access to the world's wealth

- is zealously promoted as "freedom & democracy"

Key takeaway #2:

Any country that...

- attempts to bypass the USD

- restricts Western capital access (eg. through state owned/controlled assets & resources)

- attempts to create alternatives to Western systems (eg. SWIFT, IMF, etc.)

... becomes target for regime-change.

Key takeaway #3:

Western regime-change playbook:

1. Find "moral" pretext

2. Label target country as autocracy / dictatorship / genocidal

3. Get Western media, NGOs & think tanks to promote allegations

4. Support coup & install puppet gov

5. Setup bases

6. Loot country

Key takeaway #4:

The "rules-based international order" not only defrauds the global south, it also defrauds ordinary Westerners by allowing the rich to...

- influence policymaking through political lobbying... usually to the detriment of the masses

- avoid paying taxes


It will take a concerted effort by nations of the global south & ordinary Westerners to dismantle this unjust, U.S. led "rules-based international order".

The USD must be made to lose its world reserve currency status.

Key to this is de-dollarisation... (cont.)

Conclusion: (cont.)

Without its global currency status, the USD cannot be printed with impunity.

That means...

- no more "free money" for Western banks to play with

- no more 'near-unlimited' budget for Western military industrial complex to make endless wars


Conclusion: (cont.)

Sadly, there are still many businesses that only accept USD as the currency for international payments.

Reinforcing the USD's global reserve currency status is akin to supporting Western imperialism.

It's time we change this for the sake of the world.

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Postby Luigi » Sat Oct 08, 2022 7:26 am

Great short clip that lays out the background to the conflict.


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