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Re: Moose

Postby sparkuri » Tue Jun 29, 2021 9:10 am

Masato wrote:
sparkuri wrote:
My time is now spent prepping, alone for the most part. Trying to find communities.
Or make them.

Do you have access to getting out into nature? I am finding it to be potent medicine to the hysteria

I do have access, I just need more time.
In the PNW, I've got my spots, just jump in the truck and roll out to the river and sit, watch the waters, gaze at the mountains.
That is my home.

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Rambo John J
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Postby Rambo John J » Wed Jun 30, 2021 1:26 am

Masato wrote:Nice to see some familiar faces here again..! Hope you dudes are well Rambo / sparkuri

How's the covid year been on ya?

Been fine on me

Brutal to see how easily manipulated most people are

Oregon is "letting" people remove their masks tomorrow haha...ridiculous

Most in my town will still wear masks because they don't identify as republican

Wish I was kidding lol

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Postby Canuckster » Wed Jun 30, 2021 2:43 am

What does Republican have to do with it?
People say they all want the truth, but when they are confronted with a truth that disagrees with them, they balk at it as if it were an unwanted zombie apocalypse come to destroy civilization.

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Postby Masato » Fri Sep 03, 2021 3:18 pm

Elk (or whatever):

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