Texas shooting is fishy

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Re: Texas shooting is fishy

Postby penxv » Thu Jan 02, 2020 5:23 am

Masato wrote:I am kind of done with analyzing oddities of mass shooting reports... There was so much fishy stuff about so many of them in the past but I never got to the bottom of any of em lol

It's so sad, even when they look fake lol

USA is fucked up. I fly to Nevada tomorrow, can't say I'm not a bit spooked to be honest :?

It's not about getting to the bottom of it, it's a potentially effective way to start deprogramming people brainwashed by the matrix of power. If you can point out a clear lie as it is being told, people will sometimes begin to question their underlying assumptions (which are also lies) or at least become more open-minded to perspectives that they would not have been open to in the past.

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