Savage & Miss Elizabeth Documentary

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Savage & Miss Elizabeth Documentary

Postby Masato » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:50 pm

Killed some time last night watching this, enjoyed thoroughly

I am not really a wrestling fan but am semi-fascinated with the whole scene just because it is so bizarre. Surreal it even exists at all let alone that individuals like Randy Savage exist

I used to watch Savage and Elizabeth when I was young, such a unique combo. Never considered how much reality imitated the art and vice versa

Big surprise that Savage's real last name was Poffo, lol I was a fan of his brother's too :D

Crazy story man. Fuck Lex Luger ... 03a76fad61

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Postby Edge Guerrero » Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:04 pm

Sad how much abuse those man and woman endured.

I love watching pro-wrestling. Wish it had a of-season. Savage was one of the greatests. Over the top persona, ring and mic-skills! He was a manahead of his time when its comes to in-ring performance. Savage, Rick Rude, Hercules Hernandez. The list is so long to ignore.

Pro-wrestling is like a club. Where youre accpeted ona brother-hood. A reminiscente circus art that has watched telvision be born and its helped it grow, that has reached is apice and was almost dead. Its has starved, fought and has stood tall. Like a baby-face does against the odds. Its a weird sport?

- Yes. But is just escapism. Its a painting being bring to life on a canvas at a squared circle. Some of those paitings cant be recreated.

We see those performers endure things that the human body wanst made to suport. And we still get surprised when the body gaves up.
For all the mighty those man and woman showcase. In the end they where just humans. Too though and stubborn for their own good!

But wrestlers dont care. The show must go own. Theres another city to goo. Another kids to make smiles. And another adults that watch professional wrestling in secret at their laptops, at the shows using the escuse thats, they got there because their kids wanted to meet a pro-wrestler!

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