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Re: Satanist Hunting

Postby Masato » Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:42 pm

Also is he Barbara Bush's dad?


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Postby Illuminat3d0ne » Sat Oct 17, 2020 6:31 pm

Masato wrote:^^ Great! interesting

Do you see a difference between 'do what THOU wilt', and how Christians pray to God to 'make me an instrument of THY will'?

Motivated by self/ego or motivated as part of the whole? Exercising individual will vs surrender to God? For me there is a subtle but major difference, who is driving the car so to speak?

Not at all trying to suggest here that one is right or wrong, it's just a difference that I find interesting. I tend to see when humans follow the path of self, they seem to end up making a mess of things, and inevitably crying out for God at some point lol. I find that interesting too, not sure if the reverse is true, that someone who lives a life of servitude to God may wish at the end of his life that he had taken more control of it..?

I am also (perhaps ignorantly) guessing that Crowley would not have subscribed to the 'as long it it harms none' part..? Wasn't he rumored to have gone as far as sacrifice rituals to achieve his goals?

Fantastic post

YES, there are definitely differences and that is what is focused on most because that's how we seperate ourselves, I think my post would have been better and needed the word Some included, some of their beliefs are extremely similar to ours

Its important to remember that these people believe they are trying to become/are God's themselves, so in a way both sides are putting their lives in the hands of God, yet its extremely different and Christians would call these beliefs blasphemous which I can completely understand the perspective because they view God differently

Personally I don't like the idea of thinking of myself as a God because the human ego is already massive, believing you are a God would expand that ego immeasurably when I believe in trying to achieve ego death so that I don't fall into that trap

There are some who allow that ego to take control and lead them down that path much like Crowley allowed himself to do (unfortunately imo)

No he would not subscribe to the Wiccan belief about harming others, he most definitely performed ritual sacrafices and many other disgusting acts
Its not wrong to think he was a sick fuck, he absolutely turned evil as he progressed, many of his teachings hold a lot of good meaning imo though, you just have to be aware of what it lead him to become due to his choices and not make those same mistakes, it's not something somebody should jump into with no knowledge

Imo Crowley obviously fucked up even by the beliefs of his own religion
In my view somebody is following these beliefs to find inner happiness or to make one whole and he definitely didn't achieve that, he died an angry, lonely opiate addict

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