The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure

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The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure

Postby Masato » Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:46 pm

Hey all

This was WAY better than I expected.

This dude found a 4000 year old cuneifrom tablet that EXPLICITLY describes a story exactly as the story of Noah's Ark from the Hebrew bible, and the parallel tale of Gilgalmesh from even earlier.

What's more, the tablet describes IN DETAIL how to build the ark, the shape, length of rope, materials etc etc.

They gathered a team to build a scaled-down version of it, and tested it out.

Also, the dude is SUPER funny. One of the comments describes it "like monty python + archaeology." lol

I am most interested in this personally because I have become aware of an accumulating stack of evidence that the Great Flood story may indeed be factual.

Not only do we have multiple old stories of such an event (Noah's Ark, Epic of Gilgamesh, Plato's account of Atlantis, Native N & S American legends, etc etc)... but geology and archaeology is also repeatedly confirming the end of the ice age at approx 10,000BC, resulting in massive flooding and catastrophe.

The theory which continues to catch my attention is that civilized (perhaps even advanced) humans existed at that time, and were victims of the flood. (Destruction of Atlantis, water-erosion arguments around the Sphinx, underwater civilizations etc). But some survived, and of course would record and tell the tale. Hence these old legends.

Anyways great lecture, super smart and funny dude.


Irving Finkel | The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure

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Postby Luigi » Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:54 am

I watched the documentary on these guys back in the day. The boat they made was pretty cool. It was cool to see the waterproof tar stuff in real life. We always read about it in history. The Oriental Institute is an amazing institution with a very long history and because of it one of the best museums in the world is a random place in Chicago that nobody knows about. I have to visit one day.

On the flood story, the Hebrew version follows the Mesopotamian one so closely that there is no doubt they copied it, probably during the captivity. The Hebrew names are very distict though so its thought that the Hebrews had their own more simple flood myth before being exposed to the Mesopotamian culture. On the idea that the flood myths are a preserved culture memory from the end of the ice age, its an idea I always loved and its plausible, but some scholars doubt the myths would survive thousands of years in just oral transmission. Its not impossible though and actually there is some proof that ideas do last that long, for example archaeological artifacts of the Anatolian goddess Kybele are attested with the same attributes as early as the neolithic. However there is the legitimate criticism of occams razor: Mesopotamia has two giant rivers through it that often flood violently, the people there didnt need glacial melting to get these ideas.

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