Dream Cycle

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Dream Cycle

Postby Luigi » Tue May 28, 2019 5:03 am

This is probably not what you expect. Recently I was watching some old TV from the 90s when something came up, a sorceress was pointing out where an ancient temple was on a map. I decided to study to footage to see what was being used as the map, a real map, a thing they threw together for the show? Turns out by googling the names this was a highly detailed map of the "Dream Cycles" universe which exists as a series of short stories from between 1918 and 1932 written by famous writer and WW1 soldier H.P. Lovecraft known for his work developing the horror and strange fiction genres.


I read up on it on wikipedia and in the sources it seems like all of the Dream Cycles are now public domain, including free audiobooks of them. Here is a link to the full text of the first one, Polaris from 1918: http://www.hplovecraft.com/writings/tex ... ion/p.aspx
and here is audiobook format: https://librivox.org/search?title=Polar ... m=advanced

Cool stuff finds the strangest ways of finding us, I thought I'd pass this along.

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Postby Masato » Thu May 30, 2019 1:47 pm

Give me some time Luigi, I wanna dive into this properly. Looks amazing. I love any sort of hand-drawn maps.

I'm currently trying to finish this book about Dreams by Carl Jung and a handful of other leading psychologists of his era. Its really rough because I'm like 70% through it and they all basically admit they don't know shit and its impossible to analyze dreams. At least as a psychologist anyways (for someone else). I do feel that its possible to unlock a lot of dreams for ourselves, only we can understand.

Can't wait to see what ideas are in those links

Just a lot of stuff happening these days

Thanks Luigi!

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