Creative Evolution + Grand Chessboard + girl from Newgrounds

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Creative Evolution + Grand Chessboard + girl from Newgrounds

Postby Luigi » Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:02 am

Maybe its best you just watch this before I give any context for maximum wtf value:

On to the context: The internet took me on a weird path today. This video was made by a girl named Emily Youcis who joined Newgrounds in the pre-youtube era of the internet as a 14 year old girl who liked telling stories and doing animations. She came from a broken home and was apparently a pretty messed up teenager. As she grew older she became interested in politics and became a big supporter of Trump when he entered the presidential race. Since they she has been red pilled so much that she is basically as far right as you can be lol You're probably thinking "Oh so shes like a Nazi type" -well she takes pride in shocking the Nazis with how right wing she is by advocating Sharia law for White people lol

She pretty clearly has a screw loose but I think its hilarious and its actually pretty cool that I have found an internet personality who links my earliest recolections of the internet(the Ebaums-Newgrounds era) with the modern memetic culture war era.

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