Big Mouth Season 2 is here!

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Big Mouth Season 2 is here!

Postby SRBrant » Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:23 am

Yes, the edgy animated comedy about going through puberty is back! Seriously, I was skeptical of this show at first, but it's amazing how funny, relatable and researched it is! Why am I posting about this? Because I love seeing people get triggered by this show. And because the Hormone Monstress is thicc.

Fuck, why won't this let me embed videos?! Anyway, as a sample, here are some important life lessons it teaches you:

- Nobody is totally straight or totally gay; it's a spectrum.
- Everyone goes through puberty and the struggle is real.
- Consent is MANDATORY in any sexual situation or activity.
- Girls get horny too.
- Things can be sexy without involving any sex at all (roses, faceless men with baby carriers, Dr. Drew Pinsky, etc)
- Sleepovers are an exercise in Machiavellian intrigue.
- Pornography addiction is a very serious, self-destructive illness.
- Dippin' Dots are not brightly-colored guinea pig feces.
- Everybody bleeds.
- Dr. Drew Pinsky looks like a sexy turtle.
- Older brothers are assholes.
- Pillows are sentient and capable of both consent and reproduction.
- Nobody likes head-pushers.
- Ghosts can't be prosecuted.
- Nobody likes mons-pushers either.
- Antonin Scalia was gay.
- Life was created by a giant alien having sex with the Earth.
- It's possible to be rejected by Scientology.
- You're never lost in New York City.
- A vagina is part of the vulva, not the entire thing.
- Denying yourself sexual release can be psychologically damaging.
- Garrison Keillor is the world's unsexiest man.
- Nathan Fillion is an absolute beefcake.
- Dinosaurs left the planet in their spaceship.
- Pedophiles get shanked in the prison shower and have their pee turned into wine.
- Scientology's creation myth is the closest to reality.
- A magician never reveals his secrets.

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Postby Masato » Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:50 pm

I will try to watch an episode just for you SR, otherwise I have to say the whole premise turns me off

I do not agree with #1 on the list

But since you seem to like it so much I'll check it out next work shift, see what all the hype is about

I do appreciate you getting kicks out watching things that trigger people, lol maybe you will start to be a bit less susceptible for falling in the same traps, lol :D

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Postby Megaterio Llamas » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:17 am

Embeds easily enough SR

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Postby SRBrant » Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:27 am

And, because it's a clever show and I've seldom better to do right now, a list of my favorite quotes from the series. It's full of genius lines.

"You're not going to steal one of my kidneys, are you? Because I've been fooled multiple times."

"Is that a Woody Allen thing? I haven't seen any of his movies because mom says he's a monster."

"Hi, you're looking at me. How tall are you? There's a monster next to you."

"Now stare at that cat clock and massage your dinger..."
"Nick's grandmother gave that to him!"
"She knew what she was doing."

"If you really want to see something tragic, look on your right to see a grown man in a Minions T-shirt."

"Are milkshakes dairy?"

"He said he wanted you to spank him as if he were a baby even though he is not actually a baby."

"Because you smell like an Israeli disco."

"That's just our pitbull, Featuring Ludacris. He has this rare medical condition where he's aware of his own existence."

"What am I doing?! I'm an angrily-married man!"

"This is going to be my harrowing middle school story that I tell on The Moth!"

"Is there anything good about being a woman?"
"Well, if you are very lucky a man will jack off at you on the subway, so...NO."

"No! Kevin eats fingers, he thinks they're baby corn!"

"What? You've never seen a Hormone Monster's Jewish penis eating dumpster scallops? Get a life!"

"Your mom kissed a woman and the woman wasn't your dad!"

"We should reach up that little pygmy's ass and pull out his heart!! HIS ASS HEART!!!"

"Did I walk into the triangle-body room on accident again?"

"Hey Andrew! I'm Quidditch!"

"Mom, I threw one of dad's peach pits at an aggressive squirrel and I think he knows!"
"I heard that!"

"It was the eighties. The year was 1955..."

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