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Re: Lifedrawing With Masato

Postby Shinkicker » Fri Jun 19, 2020 11:57 pm

Masato wrote:
Shinkicker wrote:
Masato wrote:
Your links seem to be dead.

Where are you seeing them selling? I've got a bunch/would love to unload them for some cash :D

Google 'lifedrawing art" and then click the shopping button.

LOL awesome

I just set up an Etsy shop:

One of my aliases is Syoto Tasam (Masato Toys spelled backwards). So I'm using that: SYOTO LIFEDRAWINGS :D :D

I started pricing high but not ridiculous high, $75 USD ($101 CAN). If I can sell these it would be lol

Wish me luck

Thank you Shinkicker!!! If I make money I will send you a gratitude package :D


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