The Art of Writing From a Kid’s Mind

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Re: The Art of Writing From a Kid’s Mind

Postby Masato » Sat Oct 10, 2020 3:47 pm

wow good verse in that tune by my man Chuck D ^^, he seems to know a thing or two about myths as well:

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Postby Edge Guerrero » Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:10 pm

Masato wrote:
Yes! I find these questions all fascinating. Why do some things become sensations, and other flop? (other than the propaganda budget$$$ that is :? ) Hollywood says no one can predict, but I'm not sure...

Did you ever read or listen to Joseph Campbell? He is famous for analyzing and comparing MYTHS around the world.

His basic theory is that a true MYTH is a story that helps point out some truths about human existence that feels true for everyone at a collective or subconscious level. This is why the same myths keep repeating through different time and cultures - the names and details change but the basic myth remains the same, and if the writer understands what is behind it, it WILL have an effect on people.

The very first Star Wars movie was written exactly to Joseph Campbell's formula, and because it was done so loyally and deliberately to that structure, the theory is that this is why it became such a phenomenon. It tapped people's collective unconscious, and it affected their spirit because it echoed some deep truths that we all somehow sense.

This is why imo the new star wars films failed so bad. The writers had zero sense of myth, they lost the spiritual/mythical foundations and were running around trying to satisfy other more mundane goals.

So are simpler characters like Garfield etc popular in the same way? Because he somehow shows us some truth about ourselves? Does Superman represent some deep human subconscious myth that triggers us in a positive way?

When someone tries to copy a success, but is not connected to the mythical source, is this why remakes feel empty or flat?

I think moviemakers and storytellers should be much harder on themselves to ask themselves WHY they want to tell this story? Does the writer feel that it connects somehow to a mythical truth? Even if he doesn't fully understand, our heart will tell us imo if there is substance there. Otherwise, I think so many films and books are simply seeking fame and fortune, and trying to construct their stories with parlour tricks and dishonest motivations. You may come up with a fun ride but its a house or cards because there is no soul in it. Soul cannot be injected into a project, it is either the source of it or it's not there.

We don't tell the muses what to do, they tell us :D

Another thought that I just realized writing this; are there EVIL myths? Do the demons in Hollywood resonate with different 'truths'? Do they construct movies based on DARK myths, as deliberately as Lucas did for Star Wars with a LIGHT myth?? :shock: :shock: :shock:

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- Garfield is a jerk and does what we would love to do some-times. But he does cares about John and Odie. Hollywood is using the same formula in every movie. We all know that good will beat evil, but i got more goosebumps in Never Ending story or Free Willy than modern movies.

The same with cartoons, i finished watching Cops, was a simple and no violent cartoon, but keep my atentiontill the end of the 60 episodes. Now i started watching the series Sledge Hammer. The series wondt work onthe today evyroment, but its fun.

Star Wars worked because the compeling Vilain. Like Spider-Man comics. In a time with stereoptical villains, Rhino was a good hearted russian that just wanted to better his family, he wasnt the cold russian from spyes movies, Octopus was a deep villain capable of good, like he did in Spider_man 2. If the original Star-Wars was lauched today, probably wondt work. Today formula is more simple.Fast-food movies. They're all look equal, whit rare exceptions!
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