Interesting find on reddit, prediction from 2016 about 2020

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Interesting find on reddit, prediction from 2016 about 2020

Postby Illuminat3d0ne » Fri Jul 24, 2020 7:17 pm

Found this on reddit the other day and thought it was pretty interesting
Also kind of wierd but the op was permabanned from reddit about 2 minutes after this post went up

So op found this old reddit thread where a guy was brought to an underground base with his father by a family friend in 1994. This underground base was about 5k below the surface, 2.5k is currently the lowest anybody has dug into the earth on record.
So he says that he couldn't even see the ceiling, so this is playing into the honeycomb earth theory, he also said his father had visited many bases like it and some made the one he visited (he said about 3 football fields long and 6 wide) look like a closet

Where it gets interesting is in the comments where he is answering questions, he talks about this base being for elites for when the shit hits the fan which is coming and is planned to massively depoopulate the earth, said they have a lot of options so he doesn't know exactly what the event will be but most likely will deal with global warming
In another comment somebody asks if this means that we are all just going to get elimated without warning and op answer was no, he said to wait for 2020 and there will be something that happens which will cause the world to have to completely change their way of living, especially in the uk and America's
He said the things we take for granted are going to be gone and it will force us to change the way we live our lives on a daily basis
Then he said that this will be part of the plan to make it easier for them to proceed with the event which will depoopulate

Anyways, I found it interesting as fuck, here's the link, pretty much all of his answers are interesting but it you don't have much time, just search on the page for 2020 and read those questions and answers
For some reason the original post was removed so only the title and comments remain ... nd_of.html

And here's the reddit post I found it from ... urce=share

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