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Hate Facts / Library of Hate

Postby Luigi » Wed Apr 08, 2020 12:14 am

Hey guys, I recently found out about this, basically a right wing guy mocked the hate speech idea by assembling 700 politically incorrect facts with citations and posted them all on twitter with the hashtag #hatefacts. He was banned and they were deleted but there is an online archive called the Library of Hate: http://archive.is/LRe05

Most of this is stuff I already knew but there were a few shockers and some cool stuff about how different human populations have adapted to different climates. Most of the data is about 10 years old so I actually remember when the studies were first published because I was hanging out in the War Room at the time and we had big debates about them. I feel bad for some of the communities mentioned, but on the flip side I am happy my people are not actually all the serial killers. Its a fairly extensive and user friendly archive so I thought I'd post it.

Also I fully acknowledge you could do the opposite and compile facts that show Muslim have good family values, Africans are the best runners, Whites are overrepresented in weird gay shit x, y, and z, etc. but those things don't really get any pushback from society so not much point in making a list with citations.

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