Why the financial giants love progressivist alt-left ideology

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Why the financial giants love progressivist alt-left ideology

Postby Luigi » Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:20 pm

Background info: Not long ago Patreon banned the account of anti-SJW youtuber Carl Benjamin/Sargon when he got in an argument with far-right extremists and called them white niggers to mock them with their own language. Carl appealed this on the basis that it didnt violate the terms of service as it specifically says it applies to patreon, and their CEO stated in a public interview that it didnt apply to what you do on other platforms like twitter. Patreon rejected this because they said its not about what you do, its about your brand and how you present yourself. This rightfully appalled Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris and a bunch of other alternative media people and the whole debacle lead to Patreon losing 20% of their userbase. People went to the alternative subscribestar but then all of a sudden Paypal and Swipe, two payment processor companies, pulled out of subscribestar effectively destroying it. It them came out that the head of Patreon's council for safety and diversity or something like that just came over from paypal and the companies were working together very closely. This lead people to see this as Paypal being the head of a payment cartel trying to control the politics of the world for its own gain.

This video I founds talks about how thats kind of true, but is missing the bigger picture of things and goes in-depth on everything. It makes some great points and shows why many financial giants want to throw all their weight behind SJW policies simply because it supports their profits(TL;DR - integration into service systems like credit card payment processing makes them money and they want to jam as many global migrants as possible into countries where these services are widely available).


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Postby Canuckster » Sun Dec 30, 2018 12:04 am

Max igan called this year's ago where he said the so called appearance of starting a youtube channel or other online presence for $ would become it's own style of prison.
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