Real life evil mad scientist: Harry Harlow

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Real life evil mad scientist: Harry Harlow

Postby Luigi » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:22 pm


Harry Harlow started his experiments in psychology by investigating the role of love in the development of baby monkeys. To do so he seperated them from their mothers and replaced them with surrogate mothers, some made of wire, others of cloth.

They didnt show the next phase of Harlows research, which was to add negative associations to the surrogate mothers. To do so he created "iron maidens" which were surrogate mothers which released spikes to shoot out and stab the baby monkeys while they clung to the mothers, and cold air blasters which could launch the baby monkeys against the other side of the cage. Harlow discovered that no matter how much the iron maidens abused their children, the monkeys kept coming back to them. ... nkey_love/

Next Harlow went on to investigate the role that social isolation can have in destroying a monkey, and indeed humans. For this experiment he devised the "pit of despair" - a total isolation chamber. When the baby monkeys were taken from their mothers they were then put in the pit of dispair and kept in total darkness and isolation. This was done for periods varying from 6 months to 2 years. After the process the monkeys were psychologically destroyed, displaying extreme behavoural issues. Harlow experimented with ways to cure their conditions including drugs, but nothing worked. As a further "improvement" to the pit of dispair he created the well of despair, which was the same thing except the baby monkeys were hung upside down by their ankles the whole time.

Harlow then devised the "rape rack" a device which held female monkeys in a position where they could be easily raped repeatedly by the male monkeys. This was also shown to have extremely damaging psychological effects on the monkeys. When the damaged female monkeys eventually gave birth from the rapes they would not be able to properly care for the babies, and displayed psychotic behaviour such as biting off the babies' hands and feet. Harlow was impressed and commented that even in his previous abusive experiments, he could not of created something as "monstrous" as the mother monkeys.

Here is his wiki page:

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Postby SRBrant » Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:52 pm

Look on the bright side: Harlow's being torn apart by monkeys and will continue to be torn apart by monkeys for the next 7,000,000 years.

That was a rare sentence...

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