Always at the Carlyle

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Always at the Carlyle

Postby Masato » Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:01 pm

Hey all

So I found this documentary by chance about the CARLYLE HOTEL in NYC.


Apparently it is a vintage hotel exclusively for the very rich & famous, super expensive, and has its reputation based on TOTAL SECRECY of what goes on inside the hotel. This is attractive of course for celebrities & royalty who when in NYC desire some peace and quiet and privacy or being able to party without scandal.

Seems fair enough, I would also like some privacy and discretion if I was being hounded by paparazzi etc. The hotel boasts famed musical acts, throwing back to oldschool lounge styles that hit a chic market of aristocratic tastes that only that select few can enjoy.

Here is a link I watched with the full film (maybe a few popups, just shut em down it worked fine when I used it): ... nxroDXRnxd

....but what got my attention was that caveat of total secrecy. "What happens at the Carlyle stays at the Carlyle", etc. Angelica Huston comments near the beginning that you can 'get anything you want'. The interviewer replies; 'Anything?'... then Huston pretends to be all naive like she wouldn't know anything about drugs lol and shuts the FU.

They go on and on about how nobody can say anything of what happens at the hotel, all in respect to the privacy of their guests. All very innocently, romantically. Light music in the background, all happy and harmless whimsical delivery.

But then I start wondering, what sort of potentially illegal things might famous guests do at the Carlyle? What about outright criminal things? Would they keep their silence?? The interviewer never asked about what if someone did something nasty, would they inform the police? Etc

Featured guests mentioned in the film included ROYAL FAMILY MEMBERS, WINSTON CHURCHILL, BILL CLINTON

There was also a story that some of the highest profile guests have arrived VIA SECRET TUNNEL, that is how much secrecy they offer to their guests.

Other notable potential criminal activity guests featured in the film are:


- Pedophile Woody Allen

- Super Sex predator Bill Clinton

- Int'l propaganda puppet Gorge Clooney and his geo-politics chameleon wife Amal

- Creepy Occult Weirdo Anthony Bourdain

- MSM/BBC Super-Liar Pierce Morgan

- Psychopath Hunter S Thompson

...There was even a story featured where Michael Jackson had stayed at the hotel and BROUGHT A BUNCH OF KIDS WITH HIM

I wonder what sort or relationship the Carlyle has with NYC Police. How far do they push the limit of their guests' desires? Can they bring in bags of coke? Heavier shit? Escorts? What about when MJ brought in kids? Did they just look the other way??

How much shit can the elites feel they can get away with here? Is this a pocket of the world where guests are immune to the law?

All in all I found it to be extremely creepy, the whole thing was a massive gush over worshiping celebrity status, and boasting over how elegant the super-wealthy are. But beneath that I wondered how much goes on there, and what happens when twisted sociopath guests with their evil vices and desires come to stay and party at a place that vows to serve them hand and foot while never uttering a word that they are even there.

Also made me wonder perhaps if the purpose of the film in the first place might have been to cover up some dirt in the place, paint a wholesome and colorful impression of the place, absolve it from any suspicion of wrongdoing.

Also curious where the name Carlyle comes from, and if it may have any connection with Carlyle Group (I know that's reaching but would like to explore nonetheless)

All very innocent I'm sure. Lovely film :roll:

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Postby Masato » Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:11 pm

Another interesting bit was LENNY KRAVITZ, who admits in the film that his parents were friends of the Hotel and he grew up staying at the Hotel watching the musical guests and parties etc. Lost some respect for him there, clearly not an accomplished musician by work alone, but a product of elite favor

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