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Karl Marx

Postby shankara » Fri Jul 27, 2018 8:47 am

The man responsible for Stalin and Mao. His doctrine is seductive, yet he and his interpreters combine things which are necessary and just, collective ownership of land for example, with horrible evil things like everyone being watched by secret police and imprisoning people for their opinions. Of course capitalism and "the free world" is going in the same direction with the tired justification of "public security".

Anyway, here are a couple of interesting quotes I found in "The Palestine Plot":

"First and foremost he was a Jew by race, the descendant of a long line of rabbis whose proper name was not Marx but Mordechai. In 1824, when he was six years of age, his father, for political reasons, abandoned Judaism for nominal Christianity."

"Marx as a young man belonged to the Jewish Union for Civilisation and Science, a society holding that the Jewish nation was destined to conquer the world. One of his associates in this, Baruch Levy, wrote to him: ' In this new organisation, the sons of Israel will everywhere without opposition become the directing element, particularly if they can succeed in imposing upon the masses of the workers the leadership of some of their number . . . the government of the nations . . . will thus all pass without any effort into Jewish hands . . . Thus will be realised the promise of the Talmud that when the times of the Messiah come, the Jews will hold under their keys the property of all the people in the world.' "

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