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cicada 3301

Postby Illuminat3d0ne » Wed May 09, 2018 12:04 pm

Holy shit, defango just exposed cicada 3301

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Postby Illuminat3d0ne » Wed May 09, 2018 1:45 pm

Here's even more info from Titus frost and this was posted 4 days before defango vid

Q1.0 has now been exposed

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Postby Som-Pong » Thu May 10, 2018 12:08 pm

Text please?

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Postby Illuminat3d0ne » Thu May 10, 2018 10:33 pm

Just finishing up at daughter's bjj class, will do a text writeup tonight

Edit: watering and cloning went long, will update in am

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Postby Illuminat3d0ne » Fri May 11, 2018 8:32 pm

Ok so I'll start off by saying defango is kind of known for being a good source of info but he will conveniently leave stuff out, exaggerate or leave himself little outs where it looks likes he lied but he can talk his way out of it
For example hed be saying he doesn't know who q is but during the video would be playing music from the guy who he says created q
He does give a ton of good info but is also disinfo because not everything is real/true

I must say with how everyone is reacting to This, this is not disinfo, he's pissed because he thought he made it into cicada and did work for the 2018 puzzle but they told him he didn't pass the final test and couldn't get in until he did (he received a letter after solving the 2017 puzzle and there is something in the letter he should he able to find), then he found out that the owner of cicada wanted the rights to the puzzles defango did for 2018 because he is trying to sell the movie rights of cicada 3301 with Sony and other major studios
Basically defango got pissed Thomas was trying to cash out and not give anyone else a share for the work they had done
Cash Rules Everything Around Me! CREAM! get the money, dollar dollar bills y'all

So there is a fucking ton I could go into here but I'm getting bogged down with all this cicada shit dropping and it leading right into q being outed on a couple levels

So cicada started with three guys, Bruce C Clark who was a deputy director of the cia but very hard to find decent info on him (I'm still researching), I've heard he died last year but everything I've found says 2014 which would make a whole hell of a lot more sense with how shit went with cicada, Ian Murdock who was the founder of Debian and his death is very suspect (dude was killed by the cops), and finally Thomas schoenberger who is a brilliant composer and you can go to Sophia musik on YouTube for his channel, might hear something familiar if you follow cicada ;)

So anyways, if you look at the older stuff from cicada, funny enough, it consists of military information, Debian, cryptography, music and math (thomas is obsessed wity math and prime numbers which is another thing that is common with cicada), oh Thomas also says he's cia but others deny it

In 2014 things changed, two of the three founders died and it was taken over by Thomas and apparently he made up a group of people good at different things such as cryptography, making videos, social engineers but one thing they mostly all share in common is they are big into music and apparently you can see this in the puzzles from 2014 or 2015 onward (I'll be honest, most of their puzzles go way over my head)

I've heard that Thomas mostly deals in chaos on the internet
Most posts I've seen say he's a great guy trying to help while others says he's nothing but a manipulator and liar
He runs companies like one called shadow box where people online who are being harassed and bullied pay them to go and literally ruin the bullies lives to a point where they can't come back online

I'm still looking into all of this but dude seems shady af

So defango solves the 2017 puzzle, he's going to defcon where he meets up with a small group of people from cicada and thinks he's in
They give him an old letter as his prize for winning and say not much else (I should add it seems like defango knew these people well before he thought he joined cicada, he was helping people solve the puzzles on YouTube for a long time and always promoting them and it sounds like he was part of silent partner too)
Thomas apparently sent defango a message that something happened with their puzzle maker and could he start the puzzles this year
Something interesting defango says is he thought heir was stupid for him to make the puzzle and then be the one helping people solve it
It stuck out to me because it sounds like he was brought on by cicada a long time ago as promotion on YouTube

Anyways, so then defango goes to stay with Thomas for a bit and that's when he finds out Thomas is trying to sell the movie rights to cicada and cash out (apparently he's not in a good position and it sounds like there are some sort of allegations about to come out but people are being very vague), after that defango is kind of pissed so he starts dropping little hints on how channel about Thomas (cicada) creating Q
It seems the final straw was defango was told he was not officially in cicada because he didn't find what he needs to in the letter and failed the final test
He gets super salty and tells Thomas the first few puzzles in 2018 are defango IP and basically if he's not cicada then his puzzles are not either
I haven't figured out how Thomas responded, but it resulted in all of this

So in the end, cicada was started by a member of the cia, it may still have some connection to cia, but it seems to have become a way to push a targeted audience in a certain direction of thinking by a true composer

Oh and Daniel Gabriel, "thomas" from American intelligence media is Thomas schoenberger best friend and also very much involved in cicada

I probably forgot a bunch of shit but ask questions and maybe it will spark something

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