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Re: Oh Canada

Postby Vutulaki » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:56 am

Diet Butcher wrote:To be fair, I moved to a village in HK about a year ago and the working class blue collar village gooks are nothing like the middle/upper class white-worshipping gooks you see in the west. The village gooks don't give no fucks about white ppl and despite not speaking a lick of English, I think I get along much better with them. Having a BBQ right now with some of them. And these motherfuckers can drink!

Well those are chinks not gooks, I live in a complex full of chinks and I couldnt ask for better neighbours. Everyone of them minds their own business, the place is clean, they cant swim so we have the pool to ourselves (same at my investment property we used to live in except those were pakis). The one pitfall is the driving but we manage.

Ive noticed the chinese dont really care about gwai lo but my god the gooks and thais do.

Chinks are better than gooks for sure and its not me being bitter about my ex (who I havent really spoken to in two years), gooks are lame posers period. We have a few families in our complex and the men will work shitty jobs getting dirty as fuck then come home and change into suits to go grocery shopping, not necessarily a coat and but shirt and tie. Its so fucking lame.

Their women if you could call them that have the worst sense of dress you could imagine. Polo shirt, cargo pants and imitation versace sneakers all day

Chink kids grow up identifying as Australian first and foremost but a gook will remain a gook forever. Shit the ones who grew up here speak broken english, just go listen to Danni that Korean aussie singer... "It was great! the crown was cheering TO me!" she fucking moved here at 9 still cant speak simple english. In fact ive never met an aussie born gook who could speak English at a native level.

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