Chess thread for the Grand Chessboard

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Chess thread for the Grand Chessboard

Postby Luigi » Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:27 am

Hey guys, with all the sports down I thought you might be interested to know we are right in the middle of the world chess candidates tournament. Whoever wins this tournament earns the right to challenge the current world champion Magnus Carlsen for his title. They are keeping each of the 8 finalists in cabins in Russia and testing them for corona twice a day.

But this thread can just be about anything relating to chess. For example chess players usually come up with pretty cool quotes. I just found this one from the legendary master Capablanca: "Conceit I consider a foolish thing, but more foolish still is the false modesty that vainly attempts to conceal which all facts tend to prove." Mikhail Tal had a great quote about how he makes his enemy feel like they are running fearfully through a dark forest lol Chess is full of a lot of cool characters, it reminds me of combat sports actually. In a way you could consider it a mental combat sport similar to Street Fighter 2.

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Postby Masato » Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:05 pm

Thanks Luigi - check this thread, indeed chess is full of surreal characters and drama, very weird little microcosm:


The Bobby Fischer story is totally surreal, I still trip out on it sometimes

I see in that thread I was supposed to play Som-Pong(Galt) in Lichess but I forgot and it never happened. I would be up for some chess with members here. While we sit around in quarantine could be a good activity

I was thinking the other day of a crazy idea where as people play a game of chess, their moves are translated into fight moves, and played out in CGI animation. For example a good pawn move would be like a jab. jostling for position = footwork/ring control. Taking a bishop is like landing a big punch or kick - does he follow in and keep the pressure, or does opponent recompose and defend? Bringing out the queen would be like throwing big bombs etc, taking a queen is like a flush flying knee, a sneaky move to trap someone at the end is like a submission - you get the picture. Then when the game is done, you could play back the 'fight' version of your match! You could pick characters etc call it Fight Chess or something :D

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