The unluckiest man in boxing - Axel Schulz

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The unluckiest man in boxing - Axel Schulz

Postby Luigi » Sat May 02, 2020 4:32 am

So I just found out about this guy Axel Schulz, he is a German guy who won the olympics and then became a HW pro boxer. When George Foreman KO'd Michael Moorer and became lineal champion he didnt jump right into the fire with a rematch, or even fighting Holifield or Mike Tyson. In stead he fought Shulz, and won a highly controversial decision. I think Schulz dominated. Foreman refused to rematch him so the IBF stripped Foreman of the title and had the vacant title at stake for Shulz vs their #1 ranked contender, Fransois Botha, who you might recognise from his later stint in K-1. It was a very close fight, split decision and the judges went with Botha. The German crowd showered the ring with booes and booze. However Botha then popped for nandrolone so it was declared a no contest and they set up Schulz vs Michael Moorer, the previous lineal champion before Foreman. You can probably guess the result, close fight, split decision, and Axel goes 0/3. Feels bad man.


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Postby Edge Guerrero » Mon May 04, 2020 6:31 pm

- Anyman that can finish a round with Foreman is a beast. Let alone beat a prime Foreman!
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