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Re: Oh, Johnny

Postby Luigi » Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:36 am

Top comment from the Novitsky JRE podcast where the two went to bat for Jones:

"Aug. 9 (negative)

Aug. 29 (positive 8 picograms)

Sept. 18 (positive 19 picograms)

Oct. 2 (negative)

Oct. 22 (negative)

Nov. 14 (negative)

Dec. 9 (positive 60-80 picograms)

Move along, nothing to see here"

-Claudio Rebelo

Another one which is long and reposted multiple times because apparently it keeps getting deleted by Rogans team:

This is the most pathetic attempt at damage control I've ever seen :lol: . Mibolerone aka Cheque Drops (CD) is the drug Jon Jones was taking, CD has a half life of 2-4 hours and it's very popular with fighters and powerliftes (Jones has connections with powerlifters), CD is often cut with Turinabol because they're similar (except CD is MUCH more potent and has a much shorter half life).

CD is taken in microdosages, this explains why Jones had such small trace amounts of turinabol in his system, turinabol is taken in mg not microdosages, the fact that Jon had picograms and results that he was clean and other results showing obvious signs of re-administration supports this. If you want more info on CD just google "(60:14) Brendan explains Turinabol - Jon Jones" , you'll find a Reddit link where an actual PED expert explains why Jon had Turinabol in his system (Tweet the link to Daniel Cormier, tweet to Cormier about Mibolerone). Funny how Brendan never mentioned this on Joe's podcast, I wouldn't be surprised if Joe told Brendan not to talk about it on the JRE.

Remember people, Joe, Jeff and USADA work for the UFC. Last time I posted this on a Jon Jones PED video, the powerful Young Jamie deleted my comment.


Our friend Boddah here is talking about this podcast: http://podbay.fm/show/1210250626/e/1503 ... utostart=1 (below the belt podcast by Brendan Shaub episode 39 part 1) at the 60:14 mark.

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