Brandon Girtz eyes title shot with win over Michael Chandler at Bellator 197

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Brandon Girtz eyes title shot with win over Michael Chandler at Bellator 197

Postby Edge Guerrero » Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:18 pm

By Alexander K. Lee @AlexanderKLee Apr 13, 2018

A month ago, the possibility that Brandon Girtz could soon be fighting for a Bellator championship was remote.

Over the past five years, he’d carved out a niche for himself as a reliable hand for the promotion, willing to take on any opponent regardless of whether he had three months or three weeks to prepare, and usually putting on an entertaining fight to the detriment of his health. Company men aren’t always rewarded beyond receiving the assurance that another fight contract is around the corner and Girtz isn’t the type to ask for more than he thinks he deserves. But by keeping himself active and in the mix, it was only a matter of time until the chips fell just right for him.

Girtz fights two-time lightweight champion Michael Chandler on Friday in the main event of Bellator 197 at The Family Arena in St. Charles, Mo., an opportunity that arose after a grudge match between Chandler and current titleholder Brent Primus was canceled due to a Primus injury.

Whatever happens next, Girtz is excited about the possibility of collecting some hardware of his own somewhere down the line and the validation that would come with it.

“People say they don’t care about the belt, they don’t, whatever, everybody cares about the belt,” Girtz told MMA Fighting. “It’s not about the belt or the piece of metal, it’s just about being on top of your division. So I absolutely want that title shot after I beat Chandler and I believe I’ll be lined up for it. Has there been major talk about it? No. Have I even asked about it? No. Because right now I’m focused on Chandler and only Chandler. But do I believe with a win, definitely I believe I’m going to knock him out, does that warrant a shot at the title? Absolutely.

“And I think (officials) think that too, but they’re not going to put themselves in a place right now and say, ‘You beat him, you get this.’ We know how promotions work and everybody gets told things at times and they don’t always work out how they’re said. So I haven’t asked, I haven’t demanded, I haven’t said nothing in that right, because I feel like my path will be made once I go out there and do what I’m supposed to do. It’s going to be inevitable.”

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