Mrs Masato on TV yesterday

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Re: Mrs Masato on TV yesterday

Postby Edge Guerrero » Thu Mar 12, 2020 10:18 pm

Masato wrote:
Edge Guerrero wrote:
Masato wrote:Sitcoms don't exist anymore, am I right? Nobody makes that anymore?

I used to watch quite a bit of them when I was younger. Strange to see an entire genre basically dead

- They arent fun anymore. No more George Constanzas or Krames! :(

I feel an absence of the nuclear family on television. Tons of sitcoms for me growing up had a mom, dad, siblings. Lots of family values, everyone learning lessons but there for each other etc. I can think of several TV families growing up that I think people really related to, both as kids and parents.

Find that kind of stuff anywhere on TV today, good luck.

Married with Children was pretty great though, lol

Maybe the first real shots fired at destroying the previous generations' sitcom family genre

- Al loved his family thought. He even choose them over fame. The series was too realistic!
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