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Re: longboarding wtf

Postby Rambo John J » Sat Feb 22, 2020 8:00 am

Masato wrote:
Rambo John J wrote:I used to bomb crazy hills
Usually after some drinking and lots of herb

Bailed into many a lawn...but never a real injury

I drive by some of the hills I used to bomb, and I don't think even the craziest daredevils would have done it....Pure stupidity

My board was a huge plank cut from 3/4 inch plywood and I used 215 independent trucks along with Swiss Gold Bearings and some sort of Big ass Orange wheels

Very lucky to have not cracked my melon

You are Frank Armitage at the MMAC, right?

I had a scare a few years ago. Was sitting on my porch with some herbs, when across the street I see these kids pile out of 2 cars all equipped with longboards. My neighborhood is sweet for hills so I knew what was up. I introduced myself and asked to see their boards, as I had not bought by own longboard yet but had my eye on them.

They tell me they have an extra one and invite me to join. I am rusty as hell, getting older, and just smoked a lotta herbs lol but of course I say OK. I follow them up up up to a street I had never done before, a steep pitch with a long outrun at the bottom.

We get going pretty fast but I am doing well. There are like 5 or 6 of us all tearing down this street

1 guy in front of me loses his hat, it flies off but he keeps going. So I try to a)be nice and b)show off and decide to try to grab it for him. I get in a low tuck stance and carve over right and grab it. But when I stand up again I realize I am going WAY faster than I thought.

Speed-wobbles kick in. Have you ever had speed-wobbles? lolol they are horrible. I don't know how to shake em.

I realize I am no longer in control, and veer for the lawns (I should have just rode it out we were already mostly flat), there is a strip of grass along the roadside, then a sidewalk, then the actual lawns. I fly off and CLEAR the first patch of grass entirely, landing on the sidewalk. I do a massive diveroll/breakfall which I am pretty good at but I still hit hard.

I remember feeling my head crack on the pavement.

I get up and there is this old dude raking leaves or whatver had just seen me fly and bail like 15 ft lol his look was priceless

I want to keep my dignity so I get up and roughly skate to catch up with the kids who had slowed down already or maybe stopped for my sake. I still had the dude's hat lol I give him back and tell em thanks but I'm going home.

I make it home but as soon as I lay down on the couch I realized I'm pretty bashed up, my shoulder is not working and I have a big lump on my head.

Wife and family come home see me on the couch unable to move,

lol this was the day before we were to go on family vacation

unlike the MMAC all of that is true lol

Have you ever used a Kahuna Stick?

Rambo here

Have I had the speed wobbles...haha

I have had them often...I usually made the lawns for a bailout...but sometimes I had to tough them out and just stay up

Luckily I never had a bad fall...but I saw knees blown, heads bounce etc....One time buy buddy tried to take a corner and slid headfirst into a curb doing 25, we had been partying at a oregon duck house party...two hours later we were holding the door shut as the cops wanted us to let them in, standing our ground and yelling our rights lol

anyways...your equipment is everything...I kept the trucks super tight after experiencing the speed wobbles...that phenomenon is so sketchy and scary...but if you make it thru the rush is insane...Longboarding is such a damn rush

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