Three Identical Strangers

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Three Identical Strangers

Postby Masato » Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:17 pm

Hey all

Just finished a pretty cool documentary:



Its a story of 3 identical twin brothers, separated at birth, who never knew they had twin siblings, and only discovered this in their early 20's.

Amazing story



They were famous for a while, going on all the talk shows explaining the bizarre experience of discovering each other by chance, never having a clue growing up that they had any siblings, let alone identical triplets. They instantly became best friends, moved in together, opened a restaurant together etc

But there is more.

I recommend watching it, I found a free link posted at the top of the post, but for those curious here is a spoiler:


They later found out that they were part of an EXPERIMENT, which DELIBERATELY separated many sets of identical twins at birth, then followed and studied them as they grew up.

The adopted parents participated, but were only told that they were part of a study about adopted children, and were given no info that it was about identical twins. Thus they allowed the scientists to come and interview, test, and film the kids from birth regularly their whole lives, collecting and comparing data.

The leader of the study is now dead, and all the research was classified and locked away in the archives of Yale University. Upon release of this film they opened the files but they were heavily redacted and did not reveal much, other than that it was done with MANY sets of twins, and not just these 3.

The study was funded by some super-high profile Jewish group via Yale University called the 'Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services', with connections in the highest places of Yale and Washington DC. One of the research assistants in the film boasts of her many photos with people such as Barack Obama, Al Gore, etc. They were working in partnership with a specific adoption center for Jewish children/families called 'Louise Wise Services', who cooperated in separating the children and covering up the details of the experiment. This org is now shut down.

There was also a strange detail in that all the children being studied were put into specific homes, each with an older female non-blood sister.

Another anomaly that was not proven to be part of the experiment but suspected is that many of the mothers of the separated twins suffered from mental illness. All of the twins of the film for example spent time in mental institutions in their teens.

Suspicions about the nature of the experiment by the people in the film are as follows:

1. Nature vs Nurture; how similar or different would they turn out to be?
2. Parenting studies; perhaps they were studying the parents more than the kids
3. Whether or not mental illness is genetic/hereditary.

One of the twins committed suicide.

Crazy story. Bizarre experiment. I wonder what it was really all about.

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Postby Luigi » Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:29 pm

Great find Mas.

The main concern was probably nature vs nurture, but whats with the older sister thing? It seems they were trying to isolate certain variables and how they affect development.

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Postby evil-kungfool » Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:27 am

So they were likely part of a cloning program?

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