10 Days off Herbs

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Re: 10 Days off Herbs

Postby Masato » Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:07 pm

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Postby Luigi » Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:20 pm

Masato wrote:Its been 1 month!!

A friend who is a trained hypnotist believes a theory that it takes 21 days for the brain to build new patterns and/or switch off old ones. I'm a week past that now. Doing really well, I don't really crave it anymore at all and feel great. There is a little voice that pops up sometimes askin for a hit, but its getting littler and quieter.

Last night I did my first all-nighter workshift, something I was worried about as I used to smoke as fuel to get through those nights but you know it really wasn't much different. In fact a lot of things are not much different. I even still have 4 spliffs sitting in my closet to prove I'm actually doing it and not just abstaining because I don't have anything to smoke.

I am more productive though, simply because I get bored and feel a need to keep active, where as before if I didn't have anything pressing to do I'd enjoy a spliff and chill out.

My dreams are REALLY strong though, some nights too strong, they feel so real and often wake me up because they are so intense

BJJ has improved this is for sure. I'm learning faster, have way more cardio out there, suddenly feel like I can operate on a different level.

So weird, I honestly did not see this coming, thought I would be chronic forever but here I am

The no porn brotherhood uses the same rule: you have to do 1 month no fap before you are allowed to imagination fap.

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