How do things like arranged marriages and plastic surgery skew natural selection?

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How do things like arranged marriages and plastic surgery skew natural selection?

Postby Vutulaki » Sun May 13, 2018 11:36 am

Non TLDR (seriously dont bother I lost interest in writing the below 3 lines in) - When we take away the "naturalness" of mate selection and procreation are we possibly undermining the process of natural selection. Plastic surgery and arranged marriages are but two ways we can fuck with this process. Whatdya fink?

*********************************************************TLDR version)*********************************************************************************************************
You take arranged marriages, Sanjay is a Caltech educated above average by universal standards looking Indian young man who upon return to India is quickly married off to Priya a also well educated but not necessarily attractive young woman cause of a deal their dads made 25 years ago, off they go to return to the US and make babies and live happily ever after.

Now their parents think he has married well because she has an IT degree, is super fair skinned and most of all because his dad married him off to her at age 3 and he's never wrong. Again she is neither that good looking by Indian nor universal standards and I dont mean just where those standards overlap.

Without arranged marriages Sanjay would likely have married someone who he met during his early HS to post grad days in the US, most likely another Indian statistically speaking but possibly a white girl and les and less a black>latina>Asian. Either way she would have been first world educated and more attractive (but possibly thinner and darker skinned than Priya).

Wouldn't Sanjay's hypothetical offspring with the American raised & educated, more attractive girl be genetically fitter? Wouldnt they be the product of natural selection as opposed to his children with Priya who have been selected by his parents?

Let's take a look at Han from South Korea now, this mofo gets hit with a double whammy. Han does an undergrad at Seoul shortly after completing his mandatory military service. His HS sweetheart has already married someone else by the time he returns to Busan so now his cunt mother steps in and starts trying to select a bride for him because although less popular than in the old days Koreans too practise arranged marriages.

In comes Yun-Ha or Yummi as she likes to call herself. Yummi is HS educated and VERY good looking, the problem is that her looks are the result of going under the knife of one of SK world leading plastic surgeons. Yummi paid apprx $200K USD to get her flat pan face with massive lantern jaw face reconstructed and boy was it a stella performance on the part of her team of surgeons. She looks beautiful regardless of the age, gender or cultural background of the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, further to Yummi's lackluster educational journey it seems Yummi isnt the most moral of women, you see Yummi joined the hundreds of thousands of SK women who fly as far as Alaska everyday to work as ladies of the night.

Meanwhile Han's HS sweetheart Mong-Cha (or whatever the fuck) finishes her degree at SeoulU, has children and then returns to the workforce part time while Yummi fucks an ESL teacher and leaves Han to move to the English teacher's native country of the Philippines where Han's kids are raised in the Manilla docks.

Okay Im getting bored and cant be fucked being serious (Obviously even the dumbest K-Whore isnt moving to the Phils) but my question remains, does plastic surgery and or arranged marriage fuck with natural selection?

I propose that it doesnt. I used to but first let us look at why I dont think arranged marriage fucks with natural selection, then ill tackle plastic surgery but the TLDR of those will be that offspring are rather random or their qualities/traits can be in a world where things like beauty and intellect are somewhat (but not always) arbitrary.

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